The new Garran P&C blog and website

Why did the Parents and Citizens Association at Garran Primary School decide to launch a website with an interactive blog?

In March 2021, Garran Primary School and the P&C consulted and began working towards improved engagement for our diverse Garran school community. This included conducting a survey…

Results for how we can feel more connected are:

  • Celebrating different cultural days (85.1%)
  • Having an informative P&C blog (79.1%)
  • Images showing diversity on the website and Facebook page (73.6%)
  • The school and families to do creative projects together (73%)

Comments also included:

  • You want to have ways to celebrate your children’s creativity
  • You want to have some parenting ideas and advice
  • You want families to do creative projects together
  • You want to have all information and resources available in one place
  • You want to address overall wellbeing for families
  • You want to learn more about how your children learn

This platform will function for all the above and more. We are at the development stage of this project. We will build on it and offer more language options and other aspects too. We aim to sustain this website for the whole community.

All members of the community are invited to submit content relevant to the families of Garran Primary School.

If you are a family member and would like to send me a translated version of this page in another language please email and we will place on the website.

Please make sure you read the Terms and Privacy Policies on the website.


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