Connection with your family

Looking for ways to connect with your family during lockdown?

1. Do a daily hour of exercise together and outside in nature when ever possible.

2. Eat at least one daily meal together and discuss various non-COVID related topics.

3. Don’t force siblings together – they need space and time to adjust to the changes too, and they are less likely to be able to express their emotions in a calm way, which may mean managing their behaviour until they settle into the situation. 

4. Reflect and share your fun and special memories.  A nice way to do this is to look at old photo albums or tell the children a story about their great grandparents.

5. Try to actively listen to your child, by looking in their eyes with a warm expression, as they generally respond well to this (take a deep breath before talking if this helps).

Connection is always important, especially during times of uncertainty and change. Together we can be positive and become stronger in any situation.

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