Connection for our children

Looking for ways to help your children stay connected with their friends during lockdown?

  • Have conversations with your children about their school friends. If they have friends overseas discuss these friendships too to help them understand that friendships still last when people are apart.
  • You children can draw pictures of their friends or write poems about them.
  • Look at Seesaw posts with photos of their classmates.
  • Arrange a phone or video call between children (Whatsapp, Signal, Skype, Zoom, google, Facebook and Facetime are all application options for video calls).
  • Older children will likely connect with friends directly – just be mindful of how much time they are spending on social media; instead get them to connect with direct phone calls or video chats.
  • Remember birthdays and share a virtual card or celebration emoji over text.
  • Arrange for children to watch the same film or read the same book as their peers, so they can discuss it when things get back to ‘normal’. Older children can create and share a class list of books or films that could promote this post-lockdown connection.

Connection is always important, especially during times of uncertainty and change. Together we can be positive and become stronger in any situation.

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