Connection with other families

Do you need a reminder to connect with other families?

1. Remember birthdays during lockdown and share a virtual card or celebration emoji over text message.

2. Check in on the families that you are connected to, especially those without other support networks. 

3. Comment on Seesaw messages sent to the whole class, so that other families can see the interaction.

4. Try and maintain any clubs you usually do with other families – just do them online. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a scheduled video chat; for example, book club members could send their thoughts on the latest read via a group email or instant messenger.

5. For those active on Facebook, interact on the private group page and keep sharing the supportive and useful links. 

Connection is always important, especially during times of uncertainty and change. Together we can be positive and become stronger in any situation.

Disclaimer: Please read the Terms, Privacy and Codes of Conduct.


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