Put your mask on first

How can I stay on top of things during lockdown?

There is no simple answer for everyone! But the main thing is to stay balanced.

This blog post has some useful ‘lock-down so we don’t have a meltdown’ tips!

Home schooling… home working… cooking… cleaning… and the rest! Parenting at this time can be a tricky juggle! So we have to make sure we don’t allow lockdown to bring us down. OUR BEST IS GOOD ENOUGH!

1. Here is a useful link with a list of  grocery stores that are delivering: https://www.covid19.act.gov.au/community/access-help#Grocery-delivery-options  

2. Avoid junk-food and too many treats or alcohol. Everything is okay in moderation to keep the immune system balanced. Foods that are great for the Spring season and during COVID are cooling foods that are full of vitamins and great for internal organ health and energy levels. Add cucumber, avocado, celery, bananas, melon, seafood, rice, and barleys to your daily diet. 

3. Don’t panic buy, instead try eco essentials like ‘Who Gives a Crap’ toliet paper/kitchen roll: New Customers (‘first subscription orders’): $10 off code TP4EVA  AND Recommend a Friend for $10 off: https://au.whogivesacrap.org/pages/invite

4. Consider this change similar to us stepping into Spring… and have a Spring clean. Clear out anything you no longer need at home that you can recycle. This is a great way to feel progress during stagnated situations.

5. Expect the unexpected and try not to second guess what will happen next. Concentrate on doing the daily stuff well.

6. When in doubt take ten long deep breaths! 

7. Put your mask on first! So make sure you look after your health and then you will be strong for others. Consider reusable masks to be eco-friendly. 

Animation by Garran Graduate 2019

8. When you are not wearing a mask – breathe  in fresh air as much as possible through the nose as the air is moistened, filtered and cleansed before it reaches the lungs – so avoid mouth breathing.

9. Do something fun at the weekend and try building an indoor fort for the children to have a camping experience. Or try a home cinema set-up with movies and popcorn – and get the children to make the tickets.

10. Reconnect with your partner too and arrange a home date night, such as a candle lit meal.

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