Junior Google Meets during lockdown

Are you enjoying your Google Meets?

Google Meets began on August 30th 2021 – so that the juniors in the school have a chance to socially interact. This is something many families said their children would like to do.

These are NOT teaching sessions and they are optional. Children can see their friends for twenty-minutes per scheduled session and can join or leave at any time during the session.

Your teacher will send a link via your classroom/family Seesaw with the link.

Below are the instructions for how to access the Google Meet video call.

  1. The link will be sent via Seesaw.
  2. You should be able to click directly on the link, which will look similar to this: https://meet.google.com/apn-tprt-TEST
  3. If you are unable to click on the link sent via Seesaw, then copy the link and paste it in your search engine window. 
  4. Activate your microphone and video permissions (this will show on a grey box on most devices) – you can change this during the call.
  5. Click the ‘Ask to Join’ button.
  6. You can add captions too if needed (click on the three dots near the camera and microphone icon for caption option to appear).
  7. Tip: You don’t need a Google account to join a meeting. If you are not signed into your Google or Gmail account you cannot use Google Meet on a mobile device. 

Here are video tutorial options for parents:


Please make sure you read the Terms and Privacy Policies on the website.


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