Garran gets funding

Do you have any question about the school’s recent allocation of ACT funding?

Earlier this month the ACT budget was allocated, and Garran Primary School was granted some funds in order to cope with the changing environment and the predicted increase of student numbers for 2022.

Garran Primary School will get a sorely-needed permanent expansion to increase capacity to 800 students. The campus has a village of demountable buildings to keep up with increasing enrolments while the library and staff room were being used for classes.”

Sarah Lansdown for The Canberra Times on October 6 2021 – 5:00PM

COMMUNITY School Modernisation Planning and Design Meeting – Everyone is welcome. Next Monday 18th October at 7pm an online information session will be held to provide information to the community about the recent funding allocated to Garran Primary School for modernisation. Representatives from the Education Directorate Infrastructure and Capital Works will present to the P&C and School Board summarising what the funding is for, key timelines and responsibilities, and what the scope of influence is for the school community. If you have questions in advance please feel free to email the school with the heading ‘Attention Principal – modernisation’. Please join us in the P&C meeting room: Meeting ID: 825 1566 3655
Password: 584322

Disclaimer: Please read the Terms, Privacy and Codes of Conduct.


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