Learning after lockdown

Are you ready for the kids to return to school?

Check out the news page and read the school emails for specific information about the return to school in Term 4.

The school’s Return to School Plan can be down loaded here:

Here are three top tips for return to school after the lockdown:

  1. Stick to a routine. Treat the return as you would a return to school after any break or holiday – children need consistency, it helps them feel safe.
  2. Be patient. It has been a time of great patience for many families – but don’t stop now! Children will likely show their nerves or tiredness in behaviour, so bring yourself to their level, look in their eyes and listen to them with a soft expression.
  3. Daily celebrations: Focus on the things that bring out the confidence in your children. This will be different for each child. You know your child the best. Don’t overthink it all. When in doubt, give them a cuddle, a smile or tell them (and yourself) “You are doing a great job!”

And here is a list of some existing articles that are helpful:

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