Halloween advice

Are you celebrating a COVID-safe Halloween?

Many Garran families celebrate Halloween in some way…

It’s an exciting time to dress-up and to have fun. This year it’s important to adhere to the ACT rules and restrictions that apply. These often get updated or changed – so please check https://www.covid19.act.gov.au before you Trick or Treat!

At the moment Trick or Treating in Canberra is allowed – but make sure you follow some key advice:

For Trick or Treaters

  • Stay in your suburb
  • Avoid “treat streets” that attract big crowds
  • Wait for crowds to clear around busy homes before visiting
  • Wear covid-safe masks (make them spooky)
  • Stay with your family group with a supervising adult
  • Always keep your 1.5metre distance
  • Only accept individually wrapped sweets, chocolates or toys
  • Don’t share your sweets with people outside your household
  • Carry tissues, hand sanitiser and your phone
  • Remember to recycle or properly dispose of your wrappers
  • Don’t go into anyone’s home (this is standard safety advice)

For Halloween houses

  • Consider leaving containers of sweets out front with a sign to “Just take one each”
  • Or hang treats from a tree or decorative statue
  • Ensure all sweets and treats are individually wrapped
  • Don’t give homemade treats
  • Where possible have hand sanitiser available
  • If you are in quarantine or isolation don’t answer the door

IMPORTANT: If you have any COVID-related symptoms stay at home and celebrate with your family:

You could watch a spooky cartoon like Scooby Doo…

Compilation of Scooby Doo

You could bake scary cookies…

Halloween cookies for kids

You could do some scary arts and crafts…

Halloween crafts

You can dress-up and make a scary home video…

Dress-up ideas

You could carve a pumpkin…

Child-friendly pumpkin carving

Have spooky fun and stay super safe!

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