President – Bhavani Kannan
Treasurer – Jane Zhao
Assistant Treasurer – Aileen Kirsty Roxburgh
Fundraising CommitteeSophie Holsman
Fundraising CommitteePatrick Daley
Parking and Traffic Road SafetyRohan Neale
Ordinary MemberNatasha David
Uniform Shop CoordinatorRobyn Callaghan
CHEP & SPIRE/Playground Jen Berget
CHEP & SPIRE Matthew Cartledge
Canteen ManagerViva Price
Canteen VolunteerBev Crittall

“We invite all members of the Garran community to reach out, connect and to get involved with the collaborative work we do as a committee to support the school. The more the merrier.”

PRESIDENT: Chairs the meetings, and liaises with the committee members. Leads the team and oversees activities. Represents the P&C within the community: Click to email.Bhavani Kannan
VICE PRESIDENT: Supporting role to the President. Covers duties in President’s absence. Communications. Coordinates Class Representatives.Nabamita Biswas
SECRETARY: Arranges Agendas before meetings. Takes Minutes/Notes during meetings and is an active communicator for the P&C. The secretary maintains records of outgoing and incoming correspondence: Click to email. Xuan Di
TREASURER: Keep track of the money! Pays bills.
Counts and banks takings
Keep records and prepare reports.
Jane Zhao
ASSISTANT TREASURER: Support the Treasurer. Aileen Kirsty Roxburgh
FUNDRAISING COMMITTEE: Coordinates fundraising events and activitiesSophie Holsman

Patrick Daley

Eliza Strapp

Heidi Hutchison
PUBLIC OFFICER: Maintain reporting requirements to Government bodies.Lakshmi Ramachandran
CHEP AND SPIREMatthew Cartledge

Eliza Strapp

Jen Berget
ORDINARY MEMBER: Supports the P&C. Liaise with the wider school community.Natasha David
Fill online orders
Coordinate volunteers.
Robyn Callaghan
PARKING AND TRAFFIC ROAD SAFETY: Advocate on behalf of the school community. Write letters to Ministers.Rohan Neale
PLAYGROUND: Find ways to improve our school grounds.Jen Berget
INCLUSION OFFICERS: Encourage inclusion and engagement across the school community. Coordinate fun activities for families and students.Mita Das
ACT Council Delegate
ACT Council Alternate DelegateShamaruh Mirza
BOARD MEMBER: Click here for more about the School Board.TBC
CANTEEN MANAGER: Click here for more about the Canteen Manager.Viva Price
CANTEEN VOLUNTEER: Supporting role to the Canteen Manager. Bev Crittall

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