Connection to self

It’s easy to forget about self-care during lockdown isn’t it?

1. Refresh; take a relaxing shower or an evening bath to unwind. 

2. Listen to songs you love from a time when you felt your most free and healthy. Sing and dance to them too. 

3. List three things each morning you are grateful for.

4. Do one thing each day that grounds you, such as standing on grass in bare feet or eating a wholesome homemade meal.

5. Start a mindful hobby like painting, knitting or playing the piano… 15 minutes of hobby time a day can make the world of difference to self-care and improves self connection too. 

6. Smile and laugh. 

7. Keep your immune system up; include vitamin and mineral enriched foods – magnesium and vitamin C are important. Have iron enriched foods with your vitamin C, and grab 15 minutes of sunlight each day for a dose of vitamin D. If you have any vitamin deficiencies ensure you speak with a professional about supplements that can support your health.

8. Give some type of meditation a try. 

Connection is always important, especially during times of uncertainty and change. Together we can be positive and become stronger in any situation.

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